Space Mountain


Space Mountain is one of the greatest attractions at Walt Disney World. Space Mountain opened on January 15, 1975, 4 years after Disney World opened. Space Mountain is a dark ride roller coaster with fast turns and sudden drops.

Facts about Space Mountain:

  • Can reach up to 35 miles per hour.
  • Ride last about 2 mins and 38 sec.
  • Space Mountain is the first indoor coaster
  • The first coaster controlled by computers
  • Astronauts worked with imagineers when creating the ride.

I cant remember when the first time rode this ride, I had to be in high school. Space Mountain is by far my favorite coaster of all Disney World. I would say my favorite part of Space Mountain is going through the blue tunnel

The queue music is another favorite of mine so soothing and relaxing! I could listen to that all day long if i could (which i do when i’m at work)

I must say when you go to Disney World you must do Space Mountain

The Great Movie Ride


As i write this The Great Movie Ride has now closed (Aug 13,2017) as they announced during this years D23 this summer! They will replace The Great Movie Ride with Mickey’s first themed ride at Walt Disney World, called Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. No date on when this will open at Hollywood Studios.

The Great Movie Ride is a dark ride as we go though the greatest movies of all time like Footlight Parade, The Wizzard of Oz, Casablanca, and Singing in the Rain. The ride had an actual host and a side host TCM’s Robert Osborn. The ride experience was like no other i’ve ever seen at Walt Disney World, the main host can make or break the ride for me. Most host have the same spiel, but i always loved when they changed it up! “What is the Jersey?” ha

For me the queue of the ride is the best i’ve seen at Walt Disney World. Going through the first part of the queue seeing all the movie piece in the glass cases, The years i’ve gone they have all been different. After you go through the first room you get to the last part of the ride queue you walk into what looks like a big movie theater and you see previews off all these great movies in american history. Sometimes when im in there i feel like im not in line for a ride but in a line to watch a movie!

I would say my favorite part of the ride is going through the Wizard of Oz scenes. It really feels like your in the movie is so incredible


As we get to the end of the ride your car takes you into a big movie theater and you get to watch a movie montage which this is my mothers favorite part!

The Great Movie ride will always be one of my favorites at Walt Disney World very sad that its gone im glad i got to ride it one last time last November cant wait to see the new Mickey and Minnie ride coming soon!


As we start a new month on our Disney calendar we head to Tokyo to Tokyo Disneyland to visit the Star Jets. The Star Jets are very similar to the Astro Orbiter like we have at the Magic Kingdom. The ride opened in September 12, 2008, the ride last about 1.5 mins and seat up to 2 people. As of today July 30th 2017 the ride is set to close for good on October 10th 2017. For the research i’ve done looks like nothing will replace the ride as of today!




This weekend Disney had there yearly D23 Expo in Anaheim California and it looks like there will be a lot of changes coming to Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Here are just some of the changes happening!

  • Disneyland Re-opens Fantasmic two nights early of the Expo.
  • Star Wars Land gets a name now will be called Star Wars: Galaxy Edge.
  • Ratatouille will be added in the France pavilion.
  • Ellen Universe of Energy will be replaced by Guardians of the Galaxy coaster.
  • Mission Space gets an update with a brand-new mission!
  • New Mission Space restaurant that will take you into space making it an unforgetable way to dine!
  • The Great Movie Ride will get replaced with the first Mickey ride called Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.
  • Tron-themed Coaster will be coming to the Magic Kingdom!
  • A new live entertainment theater coming to Main Street!
  • Toy Story Land will open Summer 2018
  • New Star Wars resort coming to Walt Disney World
  • All new Minnie Van service somewhat like UBER
  • New Disney Skyliner will take guests from Disney Art of Animation, Pop Century and the Caribbean Beach resort and the ALL NEW Disney Rivera Resort taking you to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT!