I’ve been thinking about this upcoming blog for awhile now. Ive been sitting here for a couple of months now on why I love Epcot so much. As a kid i never loved it I guess it’s because of you the education value and as a kid who wants to learn in the summer time? One of the first times i went to Disney World it was maybe early 2000s where at Epcot their were no Mission Space, Soarin’, and Test Track. Actually went we went at the time Test Track was just being built. Now as adult I love Epcot I love seeing Spaceship Earth for the first time and just walking underneath that thing is just amazing! Just going into World Showcase is amazing seems like every time i go it gets better and better! Probably my favorite thing about Epcot is the music!

I have this on a CD in my car and i listen to in non-stop in my car!

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