The Best Late-Night Hosts You Will Ever Watch

The best late-night hosts are there for you to enjoy. They promise to entertain you in many a great way and they succeed. They also have appreciation for each other.

The best ones are those who deal with politics, with everyday life and other things that affect you directly. We love how these hosts make politics very easy to understand and to be quite frank with you – we hate politics.

But we love the shows. Well, are you familiar with the some of the best political satirists? Are you familiar with John Stewart’s famous BOOM?

Well, if you liked Mr. Stewart, we will bet you that you will love our next suggestions.

John Stewart

John Stewart was the head of the daily show. He was indeed one of the most accomplished comedians of our time and it was a great loss to see him go…

To his farm and enjoy a quiet life in the country. Politically engaged and somewhat bitterly disappointed with the ruling elite, he decided to not do any of the Daily Show any more. Why? Because… it took the life out of him. He didn’t have the heart to ridicule politicians any more, because ridicule had been normalized and he felt inefficient.

He also felt sad at what was happening and though that he would just do what most people in his place would – move on with his life. There’s a time in everyone’s life that you simply decide not to be bothered by what’s happening around you – and this is your coping mechanism. Especially if you are trying to keep your sanity.

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is funny and he’s a spot-on successor of John Stewart. Some have said that Trevor Noah. Mr. Noah is indeed quite the charmer. He’s an excellent stand-up comedian and that’s about it.

His political satire is definitely strong, but he is coming from a place of authority. His points aren’t always tenable, to be honest, but they are spot on and in the right direction, although he definitely needs some polish.

In any case, you can rest assured that he’s one of the most accomplished comedians of our time and you will definitely be remised not to listen to him.

Craig Fergusson

Mr. Fergusson is Scottish and we know what you must be thinking – that sexy accent. It’s indeed sexy and Mr. Ferguson is a handsome devil himself. All of that aside, though, he’s also a man who has suffered a lot.

Before he became the known face on the small screen, Mr. Ferguson had struggled with various addictions. He was suicidal too, but immensely talented and he eventually got picked up. He was flown into America and given a complete change.

He was given a chance and he’s immensely thankful for this chance. When people were going after Britney Spears and her latest misdemeanours, Mr Ferguson told his writers not to broach the topic and he did it himself. He delivered a very heart-felt explanation of the situation and his words stuck because many other serious media and shows stopped.

Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers is very easily likable. He’s a lovable person who delivers humorous anecdotes all show long. If you’ve seen “Closer Look with Seth Meyers” then you know what we are talking about. If you haven’t, well then you have a lot to be watching and happy about!

We are absolutely delighted with Mr. Meyers ability to wow and amuse the audiences. It’s definitely something worth considering and something that we would ourselves be very happy with. Be that as it may, Mr. Meyers is an incredibly funny man and one that you will want to always be in the company of.

It’s hard not to love him that’s why you will definitely love his show.

Steven Colbert

Colbert has a very classy, sod-off attitude. He appears as quite the authority on his show and has a very elegant bearing, look and sense of humor. In a word, he’s doing quite a bit to distinguish himself and he does it well.

His jokes about the Washington Elite are scathing and when it comes to poor Donald Trump, you will have quite the laugh with him. This is definitely one of the guys you will want to listen to the most when it comes to political satire.

Don’t ever miss the political episodes that are always available on Comedy Central’s player or directly in YouTube.