The Funniest Shows to Watch on Netflix Right Now!

Are you looking for some excellent shows to watch and to be laughing with? There are quite a few out there and we can definitely recommend you the best ones… So, if you are looking for truly amazing Netflix shows, let us recommend you our full list:

  • The Office
  • Arrested Development
  • Bojack Horseman
  • The Good Place
  • Horseman
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Such is the case of these shows that are exceptionally funny and they will keep you mightily entertained. There are many more to pick from, but before we broach that subject, let’s make sure that you are fully covered and can go through with these without a problem first.

Watch on!

#1 The Office


The office starts painfully slow. That’s no biggie though because the show itself is brilliant. The slow build-up leads to immense interruptions of fun and unexpected developments. It’s such a great thing to watch how The Office characters progress and try to do their best to be normal.

But they are not – they are extraordinary and every little quirk they have is a hilarious thing to behold. The buffoon Michael will make you scream with laughter, incredulous at his outright fantastic ideas.

It’s the “idiot” in every one of us. Everything Michael does we have though of in the words “what if”. Well, Michael isn’t afraid of taking things one step further.

#2 Arrested Development


Arrested developments are about the American high life in which everyone is tragically guilty. They do their best to hide their fallacies and quirks, but the truth will always out as it happens in such cases. So yes, the characters of Arrested Development are often thrown in prison themselves.

It’s just a fact of life and nobody is exactly sure or certain how such things come to pass. Well, in Arrested Development the mad havoc that unfolds is a delightful watch indeed.

#3 The Good Place


Well, she was a bad girl, but she ended up in The Good Place – or Heaven. Nobody knows how exactly, least of all her. The main protagonist of The Good Place is a girl who finds out that she’s dead. She’s also in Heaven.

When she asks why people tell her – because you were good.

But that’s not true, not one iota, and our devil of a girl is decided: she will wreck Heaven and go back home. It’s a simple enough plan that can go terribly wrong and watching that chaos unfold is definitely one of the things that we love the most about her.

#4 Bojack Horseman


Bojack Horseman is a painfully interesting show but the animation style might be off putting to some. Once you are done with the initial shock of the animated show, you will quickly start growing fond of this strangest chap who is truly bizarre and… well, a horse.

Don’t hold it against him, though, as he has no fault of his own birth. The strange human-like horse is exceptionally funny and it’s this wit that makes you fall in love with the show – strangely as it sounds.

It’s one of the hottest shows on Netflix and it would be a shame if you missed it.


#5 Friends


Friends is the story of a bunch of, well, friends, who spend their lives in New York, fighting life and trying to earn a living. They are also romantically involved, not all of them, but occasionally, and throughout the entire show, which has many seasons and episodes to last you for a while.

Netflix extended the streaming of Friends for two additional years, which is a great relief for people who want to enjoy themselves and have a great chance of watching one of the true timeless classics of our times.

#6 Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Weird and delightfully funny this show was a blast. I am terribly sorry that it’s over. Of course, it’s not exactly the type of “fun” show that you’d expect to crack you right up.

It’s rathe more serious, and bizarre, and ludicrous and such is its purpose and design. We’re absolutely sure that you will enjoy yourself a mighty bit as soon as you decide to switch on your TV and tune in to watch Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency